Course 1
Topic 2 - Solving the fundamental problems of life


All of creation is composed of things existing in pairs. The mineral world comprises positive and negative ions that engage in give-and-receive action. Flowers have stamen and pistil, and the animal kingdom has male and female. Recently it has been discovered that even bacteria are male or female.


If in the microscopic world, invisible to our eyes, there are male and female, what about the world that we see with our eyes?

Did all these male and female entities in this vast, limitless world come into existence by their own will? Or was it by another will? It was by another will. 

Hence, I repeat: no matter how great we are, we are resultant beings, not the primary causal being. Simply put, we are beings occupying the object-partner position. 

Sun Myung Moon, Cheon Seong Gyeong (1-1-§4)

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Solving the fundamental problems of life

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