Course 2 
Topic 12 - The Significance of the Last Days and our Attitude


   The flow of human history, in which good and evil are gradually separated, may be compared to muddy water. When muddy water is flowing slowly, the mud sinks to the bottom while the clear water rises to the top, until eventually the mud and water are completely separated. Human history is similar: with the passage of time, the evil sovereignty slowly sinks to destruction while the good sovereignty gradually ascends on the path of prosperity. After these two sovereignties intersect near the end of history, the good sovereignty will remain as God’s eternal Kingdom, while the evil sovereignty will perish in eternal darkness.


   The era when the paths of these good and evil sovereignties intersect is the Last Days. This is also the time when Adam and Eve’s fall from the top of the growth stage will be restored through indemnity. All people in this era will suffer through great ideological confusion, much as the first human ancestors at the point of their temptation were utterly confused as to whom they should obey and what should guide their actions.

Sun Myung Moon, The Exposition of the Divine Principle

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The Significance of the Last Days and our Attitude

For a deeper understanding of The Significance of the Last Days and our Attitude, check the Exposition of the Divine Principle (page 88 to 110) in our web's library.

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