Course 2 
Session 14 -  John the Baptist and the Second Coming of Elijah


If John the Baptist had fulfilled his responsibility in relation to Jesus, Judaism and Israel would not have opposed Jesus, and Jesus would not have gone the way of the cross. With John the Baptist at his side, Jesus would have led the people of Israel to inherit the authority and power of Rome which God had prepared over thousands of years. With this foundation secured, Jesus would have sent his anointed representatives on the roads leading from Rome to all corners of the earth. They would have been the representatives and ambassadors of Jesus, the King of Peace, and would have fulfilled their mission as his anointed representatives inheriting Heaven's Will. They would have created Cheon Il Guk, reigning over the earth free from walls and barriers, the kingdom of peace, liberated and completely without evil. 

Sun Myung Moon, Cheon Seong Gyeong (11-3-9)

Divine Principle video 
John the Baptist and the Second Coming of Elijah

For a deeper understanding of John the Baptist and the Second Coming of Elijah, check the Exposition of the Divine Principle (page 122 to 133) in our web's library.

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