Course 3 


​​Welcome to Course 3, which will lead you into the important chapter of the Resurrection. In this course you will discover the foundation God has led through preparing the coming of the Messiah.

The recommended schedule is to watch one topic per day for 7 days. Once you watch all topic make your learning experience even more valuable and share your thoughts, into the reflection form at the bottom of this page. ​​

Topic 15

The Biblical Concept of Life and Death and the Meaning of Resurrection

Topic 17

The predestination of God’s will and its fulfillment

Topic 19

Fallen Human and Jesus, Rebirth and (the Holy) Trinity

Topic 21

The Foundation for the Messiah

Topic 16

How does God carry out his Providence of Resurrection?

Topic 18

Jesus and the Person who has realized the purpose of creation

Topic 20

The Principle of Restoration Through Indemnity


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