Course 3

Topic 17 - The predestination of God’s will and its fulfillment


Our portion of responsibility and the subject world

   As we know, our portion of responsibility is identified as five percent responsibility. We know the significance of it. God created everything. He did all the work, but He wants to share that with us. We can do that by fulfilling our five percent portion of responsibility. When men fulfill their portion of responsibility they create unity between God and man. God and man can become one only when man fulfills his responsibility. This was intended by God. If this was achieved, God and man would have been one and the world would have been one of man and God. Centering on what? True Love. Centered on True Love, God and man come into unity. Not only man and God, but also husband and wife and children and parent. And centering on grandparents, a whole family can become one. All of these relationships unite centered on True Love. It would then expand to the clan, the race and the like, up to the level of the world.

Sun Myung Moon, January 5, 1992

Divine Principle video
The predestination of God’s will and its fulfillment

For a deeper understanding of The predestination of God’s will and its fulfillment, check the Exposition of the Divine Principle (page 153 to 161) in our web's library.

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