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Course 4

Topic 22- The providence in Adam’s family



The Providence of Restoration in Adam's Family

   Even though the Fall resulted from human failure, God has felt responsible to save fallen humanity. Therefore, God immediately began His providence to restore fallen people by having Adam’s family lay the foundation for the Messiah.


   Due to Adam’s kinship of blood with Satan, he was in the midway position, relating with both God and Satan. For a fallen person standing in the midway position to be purified, come to God’s side and establish the foundation for the Messiah, he must fulfill a condition of indemnity. Consequently, for the providence of restoration to be accomplished in Adam’s family, the members of his family had to make certain conditions of indemnity to restore the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance. On these two foundations, the foundation for the Messiah was to have been established, and the Messiah could have come to Adam’s family.



There are many instances in human life which correspond to the situation of Cain and Abel. When we look within ourselves, we find that our innermost mind delights in the law of God. It is in the position of Abel, while our body, which serves the law of sin, is in the position of Cain. We can become good only if our body obediently follows our mind, which directs us toward goodness. All too often, however, our body rebels against the mind’s directions, repeating by analogy Cain’s murder of Abel. This is how evil grows within us.

Sun Myung Moon, Exposition of the Divine Principle (2-1-1)

Divine Principle video
The providence in Adam’s family

For a deeper understanding of The providence in Adam’s family, check the Exposition of the Divine Principle (page 189 to 198) in our web's library.

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