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Course 4

Topic 25 - The Providence Centered on Abraham’s Family 2


   Think about the heart of Abraham as he picked up the knife to kill his beloved son. His mind truly transcended reality. In his time, who could have recognized that kind of faith? By meeting God’s expectation in that moment of great risk, Abraham’s daring act proved that he belonged to Heaven and his family belonged to Heaven. He demonstrated that he and his family, and all their cattle, follow God’s orders. He established this reality when he made the burnt offering of his only son.
    Abraham offered Isaac with the prayer in his heart, “Although Isaac is my son, he is Thine; therefore I shall offer him to Thee.” The realistic consequences of what he was doing did not matter to him. You should learn the center of faith from the example of these historical forefathers.

Sun Myung Moon, 1:265-66, December 2, 1956

Divine Principle video
The Providence Centered on Abraham’s Family 2

For a deeper understanding of The Providence Centered on Abraham’s Family 2, check the Exposition of the Divine Principle (page 213 to 217) in our web's library.

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