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Course 5

Topic 28 - The First National Course to Restore Canaan



From Pharaoh's palace to the wilderness

   Later on God chose Moses as His champion. Imagine how fortunate Moses was to grow up in the Pharaoh's palace, where he could enjoy a luxurious life. But then one day, as a young man he suddenly stood up as the champion of his people; he could no longer stand the Egyptians' oppression of his people. At that moment he knew that God was with him. He rejected his surroundings, denied himself, and went to the wilderness of Midian. He awaited his ultimate mission for 40 years, persevering and growing worthy of God's blessing. Moses' life was very humble and meek. Every day he surrendered himself anew to God's purpose and asked His divine guidance, eagerly awaiting his eventual mission, the leading of his people out of Egypt.

Sun Myung Moon, God's Hope for America  - October 21, 1973

Divine Principle video
The First National Course to Restore Canaan

For a deeper understanding of The First National Course to Restore Canaan, check the Exposition of the Divine Principle (page 234 to 237) in our web's library.

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