Course 2 
Session 9 - The Motivation and the Process of the Fall


We commonly say that when we lose a child, we bury a piece of our heart. Suddenly losing a beloved child, for whom we would willingly give our own life, brings pain and anguish beyond imagination. Our God, You lost humankind, Your family. As You pushed Your way through history, You must have been like a traumatized parent who had lost his senses, his entire being in shambles. You were not a God of joy and glory; You were a heartsick Parent filled with mourning and sorrow over Your lost children.

Hak Ja Han Moon, Mother of Peace

Divine Principle video
The Motivation of the Process of the Fall

For a deeper understanding of the The Motivation of the Process of the Fall, check the Exposition of the Divine Principle (page 62 to 76) in our web's library.

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