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Course 3

Topic 16 - How does God carry out his Providence of Resurrection?



   In the spirit world there are no such concepts as far and near. Since that world transcends time and space, no matter where your home is, it is in your field of vision. This is why spirits can help you at any time, across any distance. In such a manner, spirits moving in the spirit world come down to earth frequently, following their network. As the number of spirits who come down to a village increases gradually and they start relieving one another, they can carry out a campaign to eradicate the evil spirits in that village. Thus the environment is naturally purified. They carry out that kind of campaign. They come down to earth and form connections centering on their relatives. When they return to the spirit world, their efforts become indemnity and form a proportional foundation for them to go to a better place. Therefore even the spirit world will enter an era of competition.

Sun Myung Moon, Cheon Seong Gyeong (7-4-3-6)

Divine Principle video

How does God carry out his Providence of Resurrection?

For a deeper understanding of How does God carry out his Providence of Resurrection?, check the Exposition of the Divine Principle (page 138 to 153) in our web's library.

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