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Course 1

Topic 5 - The Standard of Original Value


   God is absolute, the original value of an object partner determined in relation to this standard set by God must also be absolute. 

   Consider a rose; how is its original beauty determined? It is determined when the purpose for which God created the flower and the divinely given human desire to appreciate and bring out its beauty are fulfilled together. To put it another way, an ideal person feels the fullness of joy when his desire to pursue beauty is satisfied by the emotional stimulation that the flower gives him. At that moment, the flower manifests its original beauty. The flower's beauty becomes absolute when it achieves it's inherent purpose, which is to give complete joy to its subject partner. The human desire to appreciate the beauty of the flower is an instance of the desire to feel aspects of one's own internal nature and external form through an object partner.  

Sun Myung Moon, The Exposition of the Divine Principle (Creation 4.2)

Divine Principle video
The Standard of Original Value

For a deeper understanding of The Standard of Original Value, check the Exposition of the Divine Principle (page 36 to 40) in our web's library.

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